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Launched in November of 2019, Kilos was a multi-service dark-net platform that provided an extensive search engine which allowed users to search for products and information on multiple marketplaces and forums simultaneously, a cryptocurrency swap that enabled users to swap between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero, a Bitcoin mixer, “Kilos Academy” which provided educational resources pertaining to OPSEC and other darknet-related practices, an anonymous private forum, an affiliate program, file and image hosting, and a chat room. It went offline during January of 2023.

The Kilos search engine was derived from Grams, a similar dark-net search engine that was discontinued in December of 2017, though a more powerful search engine than Grams, which was its initial intention, hence its name, along with a wider-variety of features and services. The search filter made it easy for users to search for products by price range, shipping origin, destination, specific market, or supported currency. Kilos’ founder, ugu, hosted several contests on the Dread forum where participants would write educational things that pertain to different darknet-related topics and each winning entry would be added to the Kilos academy. One of the contests included a $20,000 prize pool sponsored by the now-defunct World Market, where participants would write quizzes and ten winners were awarded $2,000 each. Kilos was accessible from the tor and i2p networks, and had a clearnet gateway that served to provide updated mirrors in case their main links become inaccessible from attacks.