News & Directories: Tor.Fish

From Darkipedia (formely “TorTractor”) is a darknet directory dedicated to fulfilling 2 primary goals; providing users with a safe portal to the dark web that is free of scams and phishing links, and providing a platform to a diverse selection of trusted markets to help ensure healthy competition and stop a small number of larger markets from dominating the scene. All listed services are vetted by the sites’ team, who will also delist services that show signs of suspicious activity (exit scams, seizures, etc). They list many markets, vendor shops, and other darknet services, along with information about them, their verified links, and what cryptocurrencies they accept (in the case of markets and vendor shops). Services that are down or inaccessible are highlighted in red.

• http://torfish7kblk4gvostgkzdddp4ngp4cxxsl2oqfdbyzrlsz3x3j7fbyd.onion