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Market Notice: Bohemia's deposits and withdraw system is at flaw. 

Bohemia (motto: “WHERE INNOVATION MATTERS”) was pre-launched during May 1, 2021, and later became open to the public on the 23rd of the same month, after two years of development, according to its staff, who are focused on the development and implementation of new features to provide a unique user experience, hence their motto. The market offers a sleek design, the ability to transact with Bitcoin and Monero, multi-signature escrow as well as traditional escrow, automated deposits and withdraws, a modern cart system, advanced search functionality, level-based merchant fees, and an affiliate program. Their vendor bond is currently set at $200, which can be waived for merchants who have an established reputation on other markets. Bohemia offers rotating mirror links to provide accessibility to its users during denial-of-service attacks and other circumstances where its main link becomes inaccessible.

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