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• http://q46wfsee26kj6oead5hg643oi363lgqiz3m45b2dwrizefryu2zdfrqd.onion
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• http://245mkrsljsgp3fdxp2hjw3pifplluznozd2lcqiojkc3n7zxdbc455id.onion
• http://wk6dwjxq5yfjnt2i7zz7vcrppb6hzrmxlq6sxxwhisco2e44wpkcvdad.onion
• http://tjtmpqpfng6upzv34cpw5cglycwzdpnae3xau56wprp2wp5sw32benyd.onion
• http://ujgkk42xmmip6h567srdlleefgb7hemc424cwzylrvxzgvsyoou6atid.onion
• http://3c7caoyxqz3hd4pepb5owa6ac7qyrcceeu2wg73n3jrcpar664nyd3qd.onion
• http://5fcewlhdjn2gs4op4on6k2nea6nqmtn65wdohyodfahcvcumciv3soad.onion
• http://7hlducio2a57if4vk5yt7g63cbs42dffztcmkyjjrb7bmdy5iuuyi7qd.onion
• http://6v4gemuzsix2p5q3feuz4bwvrbi75ycw665diwcltymkfhwmnxhkz6id.onion

Being launched in late 2022, TorZon is considered a new darknet market. Despite that it has grown faster than most marketplaces its age and is gathering a lot of attention. Today the market has about 6,000 listings and rising. TorZon features all the categories expected on a darknnet market. The list ranges from drugs, to fraud and digital-goods.


TorZon market is designed fairly well. Some design inconsistencies are noticeable but overall it is modern and easy to navigate. The top bar contains all the account option. A bar below that displays cryptocurrency prices, and the main page below contains all the listings. The main page also contains all the categories on the side for users to navigate. A search query is also present.

The market features a traditional rating system to prevent scammers. Vendors can import their feedback from other markets using PGP. Some notable features are also present. One of which is the premium subscription. TorZon market allows users to pay a subscription fee to access special features. The main feature users get are advanced vendor statistics. A private, stable mirror link is also provided to paying subscribers.


Like most markets these days, TorZon accepts both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). For users looking for privacy the use of monero is advised. Funds first have to be deposited into a built in wallet before placing an order. Transaction are protected using traditional Escrow, with no multisig support. Vendors that are trusted can enable early finalization (FE). A support team is present to assist with any disputes, but it's unclear if they work round the clock.

Security wise, the market offers everything one might expect. Traditional PGP encryption support is present and is used to encrypt messages. Unfortunately messages are not encrypted by default. The same PGP key can be used to enable 2-Factor authentication (2FA) for login.

      • Supports XMR & 2-FA for login.
      • Excellent search & filter system.
      • Transparent about rules & operation.
      • Easy to register and place orders.
      • Tight Security.
      • Small selection of products and vendors (Because they are selective when it comes to vendors).
      • Product listings not well organized.
      • No advanced payment options (100% market escrow based).
      • Market holds all user funds.

Despite a list of improvements that can be made by TorZon, the market seems to have great potential. With its fairly quick growth, it will come as no surprise if the market manages to grow much larger. For now it is still a fairly new marketplace, and can be considered a bit risky by some. For now TorZon continues to build its reputation while experiencing quick growth. Meanwhile Majority of the population thinks TorZon is trusted, like the saying Goes, MAJORITY WINS THE VOTE.